Welcome to AL-OSTOOL AL-AALI Coporation





AL-OSTOOL AL-AALI Company is the first reference to all the agents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Countries in the field of infrastructure contracting and producing construction materials in addition to transportation and heavy equipment renting.




The company seeks the distinction in offering contracts in infrastructure’s contracting, producing construction materials in addition to offering transportation and heavy equipment renting of a fleet of heavy and light modern equipment. It also seeks high-quality transportation and accuracy in performance in a professional and complete way through highly qualified and certified Human resources.




        The company seeks to be the first in the following fields within the next ten years:



Project and contracting activity.


Construction, reclamation and infrastructure material production field.


Field of renting machines and heavy equipment.


Transporting and logistic support services.




- Keeping up and following all the developments and inventions, applying modern technology solutions and adopting the latest IT developments related to business environment and applying it in the company.


- Keeping and maintaining employees and making the job’s rotation in its lowest level including its various sub-targets which go under this target.

- Keeping and balancing between the company’s incomes and outcomes to accomplish its benefits and excellence of performance.

- Increasing production rates through decreasing costs and increasing efficiency according to the market situation.

- Sharing in developing the Saudi society through supporting, training, employing and improving the Saudis’ skills.

- Focusing on the profitability as a supporting target to the company’s vision, message and other strategic targets.